Cameroon Africa

Buea is a city in Cameroon and where we start the mission in this country as we Lead, Love and Serve the great people in this region. Buea is the capital of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The city is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and has a population of 300,000. Frontline International is committed to building Elementary Schools, Vocational Schools and building and establishing Frontline Medical Centers to serve the needs of the people. 

Frontline meets the needs of people in many ways, we provide relief in the form of funds to the needy and orphanages in the region that house children who have been abandoned for various reasons. Additionally, we supply physical needs such as clothing, cars, purchase meals and provide funding for sustainable farming supplies such as vegetables and small animals like chickens that can produce eggs and meat for the region. 

Our current mission is to assist these people to be able to receive much needed basic medical care, which is sorely lacking for the everyday person of this country. Frontline Community Health Centers will give people access to high quality medical care so that diseases, illnesses and injuries can be treated. 

Elementary schools will serve children who otherwise would never get to attend a quality educational institution. The vocational training centers give opportunity for young people to learn income producing skills such as building construction, hair cutting and styling, sewing and automotive repair. 

Frontline desires to help people become productive and live life with a purpose by producing income through service and education while giving quality, compassionate medical care to all those in need. 

Fred and Lorrie

Changing Cameroon one Life at a Time

Frontline Ministries exists to Lead | Love and Serve people. We change lives by giving of our time, talent and resources. We are intentional about leading people to live a full life in Jesus, Loving God and our neighbor, while we serve with passion. In 2021 our international goal is to help reach the unreached people of Cameroon Africa, and in reaching into the culture, begin to build Schools, (Elementary and Vocational Training), plant new churches, and build and staff quality, free Medical Clinics

We would love you to join us on this exciting journey - the picture is a small map of where we are starting work already this month. We are preparing the ground and site for a new school, church and medical clinic. 

Work trips being planned for the FALL 2021!

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Breaking Ground and Building Foundations

Below are the new blocks for the foundation for the first Frontline Community Health Center. We have raised enough money to clear the 2 acres of land and begin digging for the health center which is scheduled to be completed later this year.  To date, we have raised $15,000.00, however an additional $50,000.00 is needed  to continue the work and supply the clinic with lifesaving medical equipment and furniture. 

Compassionate Care for people

Frontline also provides for the needs of Cameroon's people by supplying clothing, supplies for farming and food. The clothes and food pictured went to orphanages to feed and care for those that have little, especially children who have been abandoned for various reasons. Some orphanages in the Beau region have up to 100-130 children at any one time.